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NOTE: If you see this page, that means we have openings for new members.

Joining this group is by invitation only. All members have been screened. If you join this group, you will be getting notes only from writers who are talented and who know how to give good notes. Some of us are very experienced, some of are pretty new, but we’re all funny and talented. The age range of members is 20something to 50whatever.

First, please read the About the Group page to see if we are the group for you.

Then, if you want to be part of our group, please send a letter of interest and the first 15 pages of your funniest script — either a spec TV script, an original TV pilot, or a feature film.  Send it to MostlyComedy at the good ole gmail.com. (Sorry to break up the gmail address, but you know how spammers are.) You can send your entire script, but we’ll only read the first 15 pages.*

Please send your script as a pdf file.

If the material you send fits our group, then we will schedule a brief in-person interview with you.  Everyone in the group is interviewed before being invited in.  We need to ensure that we get writers who are a good match for the group dynamic, personality-wise.  And it also gives you a chance to see if we’re your kind of folks.

Also, you must be able to attend the meetings in person in Los Angeles.  We cannot accommodate anyone via Skype or whatever.  Seriously.  (People keep writing me from Australia and England asking to join long distance.  Sorry, we can’t do it no matter how adorable your accent is.  Our model is the writers’ room on a TV show, or notes from studio execs, and that ain’t Skype.)

Due to getting staffed, moving away, etc., we always have openings in the group.  So please contact us if you’re tired of writing in a vacuum, or you were on staff and you miss the writers’ room, or if you just like hanging out with funny, talented people.

Thanks for your interest.  We look forward to reading your material.

* But by sending us a script, you acknowledge all the usual and traditional disclaimers, such as knowing that we write and develop ideas all the time, and one of those ideas may be like your idea, and you have no right to sue us because we happened to have thought of something similar. There are only so many ideas, kids. If you’re not comfy with that, don’t send us a script.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your ideas, then a writers’ group is not for you.  (If you’ve been in the business for more than 5 minutes, you know that stealing ideas is a rare thing.  It’s much harder to get someone to just read your idea in the first place.)

See this article for a realistic take on protecting your ideas: Script Magazine: The Truth About Protecting Your Work.

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